Writing Writing code is easy. Managing humans is not.

Managing Humans, Third Edition

mh-v3I am, once again, very happy to announce the publication of another edition of Managing Humans. It’s been over four years since the last update to this book, and I’m shocked we’re still talking about it.

As with each edition of these books, there are topics of note:

  • I’m three for three on absolutely hating the first draft of the cover of the book. Fortunately, in each case, the publisher ended up producing a vastly superior second draft. The final result is my favorite cover of all three. Crisp typography and tip of the hat to the prior editions with the pencil.
  • Two chapters were removed: Three Superpowers and Managing Malcolm Events. I found both of these chapters confusing and not insightful.
  • In addition to moving chapters around to improve the arc, I’ve added eight new chapters. These chapters have all been published on the blog in some form, but like all the chapters they’ve been edited. My favorite new chapter? Entropy Crushers.
  • It used to be a big deal to have supportive quotes from famous people for the back cover of your book, but these quotes have vanished from the most recent edition. Also, someone rewrote the back cover material. Apparently, I’m “trenchant” and I write “straight-from-the-hip”1.
  • In publishing three editions of this book, I have not met a single human in person who is responsible for its publication. There have been two phone calls and a whole lot of email.
  • I updated the promotional website. I don’t know if it’s aging well.
  • What’s next? I’m ten chapters into the next book. It lacks a title right now, but I am thinking of it as a completion of the trilogy. Want to follow along? Join the #rands-book-3 channel on the Leadership Slack where I am writing about the experience.

There’s a third edition because the Rands in Repose readers continue to support the writing. It wouldn’t happen without you.

Thank you.

  1. “Lopp’s straight-from-the-hip style is unlike that of any other writer on management and leadership. He pulls no punches and tells stories he probably shouldn’t. But they are magically instructive and yield Lopp’s trenchant insights on leadership that cut to the heart of the matter―whether it’s dealing with your boss, handling a slacker, hiring top guns, or seeing a knotty project through to completion.” 

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