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Looking for a good PS2 game

Ok, so I’m on a bit of PS2 platform game kick — I’ve completed Ratchet and Clank (killer fun) and just recently completed Jak and Daxter (not as fun as Clank, but still fun)… both of these, for those who pay attention to PS2, are “platform” games.

I like them mostly because they are brain dead. They are end of the day brain candy that I can complete without a) too much trouble and b) without committing weekends at a time.

I’m looking for some recommendations in the same vein… I’m not looking for first person shooters… I’d consider RPGs, but only if they aren’t terribly complex and annoying. I’ve played Final Fantasy VII? It was fairly entertaining… are they newer versions worth it?

[3/22/03 Update]: I purchased Rayman 3 and Kingdom Hearts — played both briefly. Rayman strikes me as a funkadelic solid platform game. Kingdom starts out with an Ultima-like “choose you personality set-up” and then Donald Duck shows… huh? More later.

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  1. Falsch Freiheit 21 years ago

    Super Bust A Move 2. Especially if you have a friend to play with, but the single-player “adventure” mode is good, too.

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is pretty good, too. There is a plot, but it’s broken up into relatively short missions. And it’s up for some design award, too. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Dynasty Warriors 3. Mindless, amazing, addictive as hell. Essentially you as a hero/general wading through thousands of men in a huge battle – you have an overhead tactical map and have to help reinforce the weak spots in your line. Absolutely one of the most fun games for the PS2 alongside GTA:VC.

  4. FMguru 21 years ago

    I’d recommend GAUNTLET: DARK LEGACY. An excellent, brain-cell killing hack-and-slash 3D version of that old late-80s arcade quarter-muncher. The only it’s lacking is the disappointed voice telling you “don’t shoot food” and “elf is about to die”. Been out for a while, should be cheap.

    CRAZY TAXI is also pretty enjoyable – straight up crazy car driving. You can play an enjoyable game in 5 minutes. On the $20 Greatest Hits label.

    I’d recommend against FINAL FANTASY X. It sprawls all over the place, you have to keep track of a zillion characters and minigames and side quests, and the whole thing runs on rails. Very pretty graphics, though.

  5. eli sarver 21 years ago

    I haven’t played a good Final Fantasy since III.. all flash and no substance these days.

    I hear the new Dark Cloud is good. It’s an action RPG.

    Onimusha 2 (can’t speak for the original, since I don’t have it) is another good ‘brainless’ game. It also has great integration between gameplay and cutscenes. And it plays 10,000x better than that Devil May Cry game.

  6. rands 21 years ago

    I played both of the GTA missions and I find them to be fine games, but the level of complexity is a bit high for “I just got home after fourteen hours of work and I am so tired I can barely lift the controller onto my lap”.

  7. silent hill 2 is okay. it has rape (for 20 dollars). as my brother would say: “i see you’re laying down some pipe again… these zombie nurses’ uteruses!” hah.

  8. piposauru 2001 [1], aka PANTS TRES BIEN! [2]



    (requiring a japanese adapter or boot disc)

  9. Klaatu 21 years ago


    I thought of a Jerkcity game for a PS2 platform:

    Pants and Deuce are willing slaves in training. They go through a series of dungeons to attain Dungeon Mastery – aquiring booty, attack points, adventure points, dexterity points, etc.They meet Net, Spigot, Girl, and Dick, who helps them out (he’s their smartbomb) Their goal is to defeat Bung and Atandt in the lowest dungeon.

  10. vice city vice city vice city vice city

  11. Recommending Kingdom Hearts to you.

  12. If “brainless and fun” is what you’re looking for, you could do a lot worse than Rez.

  13. Klaatu 21 years ago

    Dear Tito;

    There’s always Jercity Pong, but yes, we are waiting for the Jerkcity Dungeon game with a PS2 platform.

    Peas Out,

  14. nollykin 21 years ago

    Final fantasy X is awesome, my friend. It is very brain taxing, however.. due to the awesome storyline. Graphics are unlike anything I’ve personally seen. It’s really good. But I’m a diehard FF fan. Seriously though, damn good game.


  15. Ico! It’s the thinking man’s platformer!

  16. Ape Escape 2. I come from the land down under, where the occasional top-quality PS2 platform game is released before it makes it to the States, and I can’t recommend it highly enough, especially to anyone who enjoyed Ratchet and Clank. It’s brainless without being repetitive, and that’s a rare achievement.

    And as obligatory a Jerkcity reference as this sounds, the Yellow Monkey boss is the closest we’ve come yet to seeing Pants in a video game.

  17. Mark Gardner 21 years ago

    It’s not a platform game, but SSX Tricky is always good for some fun. It’s one of those “extreme sports” games (snowboarding, in this case), but the controls are nowhere near as complicated as the Tony Hawk skateboarding games. And you can just kill time doing freerides down the mountain if you don’t want to race.

  18. Shana 21 years ago

    I’d recommend Rez…first person shooter with an excellent soundtrack, you add to the music when you hit targets and such. And the graphics are mostly line graphics of actual places..nifty.

    Also, there’s Xenogears, which I’ve just started playing…it’s an RPG, quite long from what I hear but less Engrish than Xenosaga.

  19. i reccomend san andreas

  20. Blank 18 years ago

    I suggest god of war. not to hard and only some puzzles. good platform, almost like ratchet and clank but way more graphic just see the rating ๐Ÿ˜›