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  1. Sye van der Veen 5 months ago

    Everyone skips the Gabet Anstom step, but it’s such an important part of reaching the Condaice phase.

  2. Can you please sell a t-shirt that says “DECISION TO MADE” on the front, and “GATERMATE INFORMATION” on the back?

  3. I can’t even begin to explain the range of emotions I went through while parsing this chart. Confusion? Delight? Wariness? Terror?

  4. The beauty of this chart is that you could just give it a passing glance and assume it’s fine… just like the onset of a seemingly simple decision. But… when you look closer/dive deeper and try to make sense of things, you realize that this is not what you expected, nor is it even possible to act upon the current state of things.

    +1 on the T-Shirt comment, as well!

  5. Cranky K8s Guy 4 months ago

    @Demetri, I’m going with “terror” on the grounds that somebody is bound to do this *for real* with ChatGPT and then follow whatever incoherent advice it generates.

  6. Seems more coherent than the SAFe poster:


  7. Making decisions, whether by humans or robots, is a complex process that involves weighing various factors and outcomes. While robots can certainly assist in decision-making through algorithms and data analysis, it’s essential to remember that they lack the human touch and intuition that often guide our choices. Ultimately, the key lies in finding a balance between utilizing technology for efficiency and relying on human judgment for empathy and understanding.