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Google buys Blogger

Dan Gillmore is reporting that Google is buying the small company behind Blogger, Pyra Labs.

I have been wondering for some time where Google was at with the regard to the weblog pheonmena and, well, this is clearly a direction.

I am having difficulty seeing Google moving from a “finding stuff on the web” strategy to a “generating content” one, but hey, they do good work and more power to them for validating the weblog space.

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  1. vinay venkatesh 21 years ago

    Wow! Good for the guys at Pyra. I remember when I first started blogging. I was wishing for something like Blogger. And when Pyra got Blogger up and running, I signed on fast. Unfortunately only the pro version had the importing of older posts, so I could only use it for newer posts. But they’ve created a wonderful product and I hope google keeps them on so that they can improve the service. It’s really one of the foo great companies that have been created by the people who would use the product.

  2. rands 21 years ago

    I briefly used Blogger, but have a general aversion to using web applications where I can’t tinker with the nuts and bolts. This leaves me with Movabletype which I believe I told someone I was going to write about, but have not.

    I digress.

    YAY FOR BLOGGER. So, how is Google going to make money on weblogging? Ad-supported free weblog service? Yuck.

    Other random thought: What happens when weblogging goes painfully mainstream? I’m talking when your Dad, your Mom, your sister, and your girl/boyfriend are all keeping some type of online journal. Weblogging is still in that unique slash what_the_hell_is_it phase… I wonder what happens after critical mass.

  3. I’ve been using blogger for ages now, and I think I am fairly well qualified to say that it needs better infrastructure like I need more sleep, a cigarette, good sex, and then another cigarette.