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Apple Los Gatos x 2

Coffee approach pattern Delta was in play today. This unlisted approach pattern is a stop in Los Gatos to hit one of two decent coffee shops, The Great Bear or the Los Gatos Coffee Roasting company. Neither shop can compete with Peet, but Los Gatos has other attractions. Namely, the soon-to-be-completed Apple Store:

apple los gatos x 2

Store errata:

  • That big white Apple is a sticker and it’s either in high demand or easy to remove as the store has been through several since the logo appeared in early May.
  • Note the rectangular hole in the center of the build which is the future home of the glowing Apple logo.
  • Also note the construction has now moved over the sidewalk.
  • Local press has been covering the build out of the store which noted that 30′ high glass and stainless steel façade might not fit in the designated historic district. They also suggest a September opening.

[9/1/07 Update]: That was quick…

apple los gatos x 3

2 Responses

  1. Ryan Ballantyne 17 years ago

    I love the little tree sticking up out of the…what do I call that? A secrecy fence?

    Why does Apple block construction of its stores from view? Excluding indoor construction, they’re the only ones I’ve ever seen do that. I mean, I know Apple’s obsessed with secrecy and all, but seriously, they’re just stores. Everyone’s already seen them everywhere. What’s the big deal?

  2. That is so crazy, I had been waiting for this to open forever, and somehow I must have walked past this and not even noticed it opened. I am blind and must now go back downtown. Thank you.