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A Sticky Journal

The rules are simple:

  • Take 20 minutes from your busy day
  • Grab some stickies (or equivalent)
  • And tell everyone what’s up
  • Post a link with a comment (or don’t)
  • Winner gets a copy of the book (but that’s not the point)

Tell a friend.


20 Responses

  1. Well, since Flickr requires a link to the photo page, have a link to a page with a screenshot:

    (you may need to up the size to see it)

    Off to consulates now.

  2. Well that just saved me the effort of blogging for another month or so.

  3. It’s interesting that this appeared in two of my feeds. 😛 Clicky clicky.

  4. Steve 17 years ago

    Fun idea, Rands. Too bad I’m on gad-awful Windows – the Stickies implementations here are hardly “equivalent”.

    Here’s mine.

  5. That is a regular aluminum 23″ monitor. I’ve no clue what it went orange and colory in the photo.

  6. Here’s my sticky journal.

    It’s been a very boring, blog-centric day.

  7. fun to think about describing my current state of mind and life in little clumps like that.

    here’s the result

  8. Mine is available here.

  9. Mr. T 17 years ago

    Rands.. is that an old school multi-color Apple logo on your monitor? Because it definitely looks that way from here…

  10. Regarding the orangeyness – you’re probably familiar with the concept of white balance. If you were to manually set the white balance of your camera such that the colors on your computer rendered correctly (as they do in the photo), then retaining those settings, turn off the computer monitor, the entire scene would be orange. If you were to then manually reset the white balance such that the monitor-less scene rendered in a more-or-less pleasing manner, then (again retaining the settings) turn the monitor back on, the monitor should render a (incorrect) blazing blue, with the monitor bezel correctly silver and desktop correctly not orange.

    Your brain is very very good at mixing these light sources so that you don’t notice the difference through your eyes. Cameras aren’t so good with mixed light spectrums. Your camera did its best to make the whites on the screen white, but could only let the colors in rest of the scene fall where they may, considering it’s primary task (rendering the screen correctly).

  11. Steven Veltema 17 years ago

    This one is mine. It was interesting to do first thing in the morning. Maybe this is something to keep up on a weekly basis?

  12. Matt Simpson 17 years ago

    Here is mine. It was amusing to fill out.

  13. zherocharisma 17 years ago

    This little project was really fun. It would be need to neat to do it at various stages and times an print out and compare results…

    One more thing for the list (lists are magnificent, by the way)

  14. John Snow 17 years ago

    Pretty kewl idea Rands I had fun with it….

  15. Doug Stewart 17 years ago

    Strangely, I already use stickies extensively, the only one added to this is the one on the right monitor with the list under “What’s up…”

    (and yes it does warm my heart so very much to see another 3600 X 1440 setup in the bunch.)

    Also, anything that might be evidence of piracy / multiple copyright infringements, is possibly your imagination.

  16. Doug Stewart 17 years ago

    My mistake, I thought I saw another 3600×1440.

  17. I don’t get it. (The sticky journal thing.)

  18. IceRuby 17 years ago

    I wouldn’t sweat it, Anon, you’re one of the lucky

    few since it’s only about pushing his book.

  19. Here’s My Win XP version using no fewer then three diffrent applications:

  20. I read this article when it came out ages ago and got kind of hooked on the idea. The result is Notoriety, i’ve just about got it to a 1.0 beta stage and need a few people to test it out for me. Check it out at

    It lets you make sticky notes on a website powered with PHP and MySQL. It lets you embed images, rss feeds, amazon wishlists, and soon a flickr plugin too as well as formatting text with Textile markup. Right now it only has the one page, but version 2.0 will have multiple pages of content so you can pretty much use it however you like.

    Let me know what you think.