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A New View

California housing prices blow, our Governor has been taking it on his industrial-sized chin, and there’s a good chance that we’ve fucked up the planet permanently.

Still, the early morning view from the new house does not suck…

30 inches baby

20 minute commute to the Silicon Valley or 15 minutes to the beach. Can’t really beat California.

30 inches baby

Still in boxes, but the view is still working for me.

10 Responses

  1. Wow! You definitely can’t beat that view. All I see from my windows are the windows in the building next door.

  2. I=Jealous/You

  3. Fantastic view and photograph. Location, Location, Location.

  4. Daniel Roberts 19 years ago

    If you have any other larger pictures please direct me to them. They would make great great desktop backgrounds

  5. Jeffrey J. Hoover 19 years ago

    Bear Creek road, right?

  6. frisbeememex 19 years ago

    Man, lookit all that pot smoke in the first pic.

  7. Holy shit, Rands got rich off Jerkcity

  8. kristen 19 years ago

    Wow, that’s amazing! I’m so happy for you–you deserve it. 🙂

  9. Orion 19 years ago

    What happens when you go to wash the windows and you find that the view is actually posters that someone bought from Athena (or whatever you call poster stores in Cali) and stuck them on thereby increasing the market value of the property? Hmm?

    Frankly I would have been suspicious when the realtor drove me to the house with a blindfold on, (me, not him. That would be stupid).

  10. D. Ben Noble 19 years ago

    Brilliant! Driving home from SF Saturday morning, all crepuscular style, there was this blanket of fog that was doing fantastic shit up around the Summit on Highway 17. Ruled. Quite similar to this image. Kudos to the locale, and yourself.