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10 Years

April 2012 represents the 10th anniversary of Rands in Repose. I don’t normally celebrate these occasions, but serendipity has given me something to talk about.

As you might have noticed, I’ve recently made a few design changes to the site. I’m honored to participate in Hoefler & Frere-Jones private beta for their forthcoming web fonts offering.

Frequent readers will appreciate and understand the use of my beloved Sentinel for headlines as well as the revised header, but I believe the bigger impact is where I hope you spend most of your time – the body typeface. H&FJ’s screen version of Ideal Sans, for me, is a joy to read especially on the iPad’s Retina display. I can’t get enough of the whimsy of the numbers (1234567890) or the calm clarity of the small caps.

If you see anything wrong, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

10 years. 451 entries with 6500+ comments. I’d like to thank the readers of this now typographically-enhanced corner of the Internet. The only reason I’m here is because you keep coming back. Thank you.

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17 Responses

  1. Michael Toy 12 years ago

    How do we get this typographic wonder for ourselves, envious geeks want to know.

    And congratulations.

  2. Here’s to 10 more years!

  3. I wasn’t seeing the fonts, so I checked the source. I’m guessing it’s the two CSS fils from that should be doing the magic? I’m getting 403 on both of them.

  4. Steve Ivy 12 years ago

    I think you mean April 2012 in the first line? 🙂 Congrats Rands!

  5. Bosko 12 years ago

    congrats rands!

    also, i’m the guy who won one of your “N.A.D.D.” contests a few years back. I never got that signed Jerkcity book, though! 🙁

    shame on you! 🙂

  6. Congrats! Funny that we both started blogging only a few days apart.

  7. Simon 12 years ago

    The numbers aren’t so whimsical, just old style / text figures (where most typefaces have lining / titling figures). CSS3 (IIRC) still doesn’t distinguish the two too well (

  8. Derek 12 years ago

    Maybe I’m a luddite, but is there a way to subscribe — RSS, newsletter, etc? I love Rands, but I’m always checking in every few weeks to see if there’s a new post. I’d rather get it fired right at me the minute it goes live.

  9. Happy anniversary, Michael!

    I absolutely love the new typefaces, and I agree with you: Ideal Sans is just gorgeous and very pleasing to read. The old header had more personality, in my opinion, but hey, it’s a matter of personal taste.



  10. 10 years is a great milestone, man. Keep blogging, your writing inspires me and challenges me to rethink a lot of the way I approach management.

  11. John Wiedenheft 12 years ago

    I am absolutely loving the typography. Wonderful, simple, clean design. Thanks for the great articles, and the great design as well. Keep it up!

  12. pnathan 12 years ago

    Congratulations on the milestone.

    I’ve learned a ton from your writings and am quite grateful.

  13. Andrzej Liśkiewicz 12 years ago

    Gratulacje z okazji 10 urodzin 🙂

    We really appreciate all the help you gave us via your writings

  14. Ramanan 12 years ago


    I came here searching when h&fj is going to release. Who else to ask than here?

    So when are they coming out?

  15. Unhinged 12 years ago

    The only reason I keep coming back is because you’re here!

  16. Fubar 12 years ago

    In the “About” for this blog, you do not explain what “in repose” signifies. I was hoping it might have something to do with Wallace Stegner (founder of Stanford’s Creative writing Program).

    So you have any particular theory of human nature, or consciousness, that underlies your ideas?