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You’re Probably Underestimating What You Can Do With Your iPhone Home Screen

I wrote this short piece on the current state of apps on my iPhone. People started sharing their home screens and I was blown away. The full list can be seen here. Here are a few that I ❤️.

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9 Responses

  1. Fascinating how many people arrange their apps by icon color. And leaving the home screen icon-less is a cool if inefficient approach (though I suspect the inefficiency is intentional).

  2. All these beautiful options, and yet one still can’t add a Progressive Web App (PWA) to one’s homescreen. Very frustrating.

  3. Check out these amazing, creative iPhone home screens | APPLE RSS linked to this.
  4. Leif Harrison 12 months ago

    Wait, what? How do you have empty space at the top without iOS automatically moving the icons up?

  5. this is essentially a gallery of homescreen wallpapers… not to confuse with productive homescreen widgets and arrangements like on android.
    see e.g.