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Two Time Sinks

First, the Flickr related tag browser. It’s a mouthful and also a potential holy shit.

For my second trick, I will magically take away, at least, one hour of your life. Possibly more. Click at your own risk.

[4/1/05 Update]: Details regarding the Mahna Mahna video. Obviously, this is a Muppet production, but a bit of poking the net revealed, it’s a famous production. Tidbits:

  • The skit/song had been done various times for the Ed Sullivan as well as Sesame during the late 1960s.
  • The singer’s name is Mahna Mahna, he is performed by Jim Henson.
  • The two cowlike creatures are called Snowths (mouth + snout)
  • This was the open number for the original Muppet show which aired on April 25, 1977.
  • The Mahna Mahna skit was also done for the Muppet revival show, Muppets Tonight, as well as being performed live in December 2001 during MuppetFest.

13 Responses

  1. HiFoo 9 years ago

    I don’t quite understand the second one. It is very entertaining, but how do you lose an hour to it?

  2. Thadman 9 years ago

    For those of you that enjoyed the Mahnamahna, you might check out this commercial-

  3. HiFoo: A conundrum indeed. Why does Rands think we’ll lose an hour to a three minute movie? Is there a hidden message that we’re both missing? Did something fly clear over our heads while we were watching muppets?

  4. I can’t stop watching the damn thing. That’s the problem.

  5. And lets not forget this slice of joy:

  6. Rands isn’t the only one who can’t stop watching that clip. After the 20th time, however, I admit, enough was enough. Rands was right though–an hour, give or take, was definitely lost to Mahnamahna, and I’m not getting that time back. Ever.

  7. peejay 9 years ago

    Phenomenon… err, mahnamahna.

    When I was five years old, one of my friends was telling me about watching that very skit the night before.

    Now 22 years later, I actually get a chance to see it. The circle is complete, the feeding tube may now be safely removed.

  8. A rock band named Skin did a cover titled “Mah Na Mah na”around ten years ago, I’ve only just discovered. Strangely uplifting too.

  9. Also worth noting: the “Mahna Mahna” song was originally composed by Piero Umiliani, for a Swedish porn film.

    Muppets and porn: two great tastes that taste great together.

    Or something like that.

  10. scarlet 9 years ago

    One of the best muppet skits ever. Another tidbit – it was also performed on Sesame Street as a solo act with the original Mahna Mahna.

  11. The Kyle Davis 9 years ago

    That link has been timing out… here’s another one

  12. Flickr Related Tag Browser

    Flickr Related Tag Browser. go.

  13. Flickr Goodness

    My buddy Matt (happy?), sent me a couple links to some cool apps that use the Flickr’s API. I’ve also got a third link discovered in one of my feed subscriptions, Rands In Repose. These links all require Flash, which you should have by now unless you…