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  1. Kayla 15 years ago

    That has to win the award for best commercial ever. The Starbucks one on that site is also priceless.

  2. Randy 15 years ago

    I rarely ever click on anything people suggest on the Internet (a valuable lesson I learned after I ended up with tubgirl.jpg on my screen) but that was worth the risk. Excellent way to start a morning.

  3. Tweek 15 years ago

    This is why I love the Internet.

  4. Desperance 15 years ago

    It Hurts When I Pee Now: A Short Story

    Rands found an interesting commercial for Nutrigrain cereal bars.
    I don’t know what to make of it. Maybe you do.

  5. Bahumat 15 years ago

    Steve, this is Bill.

    He owns this place,

    and he’s got more money than GOD!

  6. has this been making the rounds? i saw this when i was visiting a friend in japan a few weeks ago. my verdict: turnpike films is king.

  7. tweek.is-a-geek.com 15 years ago

    I Feel Great

    By way of Rands, this little gem….