This is where I write. This is my Cave.


If you’ve never been here before, DON’T SKIP THIS is a handy introduction to this place. There is over 10 years of content hiding around here and some of it remains relevant.

I’ve been writing here since April of 2002. I tend to write two significant pieces a month, but with the most recent version of the site, I’ve created Excerpts, which are shorter posts that hopefully don’t turn this place into a linkblog.

If you find my writing useful, tell me about it. If you want to take a step further, I suggest you check out my Amazon wish list. I think rewarding good writing with more good writing keeps the planet karmically aligned.

Related Randsables. If you’re interested in speaking or workshops, the Speaking page is a good place to start, but you can always just drop me an email. I’ve written books. You should read them.

Opinions. The opinions expressed on this website are entirely my own. I never speak for my employer, my friends, my dog, or you. In many of my articles, I often refer to specific people as a means of telling the story… making a point. These people do not exist – I am not writing about you – they are fabrications that are specifically constructed to make a point. There are traits, quirks, or situations involving co-workers and friends that I borrow to construct the personas in my stories, but these small slices of personality do not a person make.

I go out of my way to never borrow traits, ideas, or personalities from my current set of co-workers and leaders without their express consent. That would be bad form.

Gender. I flip-flip using he and she throughout posts. I wish there was a useful genderless pronoun.

Comments. Much to the chagrin of a lot of friends, I still have comments on this weblog. My comment policy is simple:

Post whatever you like. I won’t edit content or attribution of any comment. However, I’ll delete whatever comment I like.

I don’t delete comments willy nilly. If something is deleted, it’s off-topic, adds no value, and/or involves a personal attack.