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Dear Unknown Friends at Pixar, Looking to arrange a Pixar tour for an eager young mind, but no longer have friends there. Help?

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“Be relentlessly resourceful.”

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Pretty sure I’m Ted Mosby.

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@buster It is true that there is an eyeball ceiling.

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Reminding myself: All ideas get better with more eyeballs.

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setmajer You say, “Many of our customers really like this change.”

I hear, “We want their business, not yours.”

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Turns out I read the New Yorker for the bar reviews.

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@cap Preposterously is the correct word.

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If the trailer is any indication, I call promising reboot: youtube.com/watch?v=akX3Is…

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I’ve seen more of the internals of my Galaxy S5 in the first five minutes than I have my entire iPhone ownership experience.

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aresnick @rands I love @STurkle’s line on this, “just because we have grown up with the internet does not mean the internet is grown up.”

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The internet is still at the beginning of its beginning: randsinrepose.com/links/2014/07/…

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My favorite part of 50 Shades of Grey is ignoring it.

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A generative, networked system laced throughout with secrets: medium.com/message/the-se…

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jmeickle Dear @rands,

Letter-writing’s a lost art, I’m afraid. Society has turned its back on netiquette.


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@Huth I think it’s a combination of phone + Facebook + Twitter learned behaviors.

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It appears we’re entering a world where we no longer sign emails?

With regret,

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David Lynch: ‘I’ve always loved Laura Palmer’ : theguardian.com/film/2014/jul/…

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30 billion little pins generating 20 terabytes of big data: engineering.pinterest.com/post/927423719…

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thisisjohnny @rands it’s like a koi pond, but for cars instead of carp?

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brettp @rands Because you like watching robots fight the forces of entropy. And dirt.

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