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There’s a Tetris movie under development.

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jkmassel @rands Everyone knows you never go full Steve Jobs.

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To folks claiming deadline driven schedules are the culprit, I remind you that AAPL has been deadline driven for a long time and been fine.

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Someone needs to go full Steve Jobs on the QA team at Apple.

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martincronje When you say “I don’t disagree”, I hear “I don’t really agree but I don’t want to take the time to debate it.” /cc @rands

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Softbank is neither soft nor a bank.

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jfew @rands sixcolors.com

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Replacing MacWorld in my Apple bookmark group – what’s the appropriate replacement?

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When you say “Steady progress,” I hear “There is more we should be doing.”

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You should probably go to Çingleton 4: cingleton.com

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Upgrading to IOS 8.0.2 so this might be goodbye.

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@thequux I’d love to see what the FriendDA looks like on a business card.

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Leadership reminder #28: there’s more of them than you.

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@mediatemple Been getting flaky performance on grid-service for a few days now and site is now currently down. Sup?

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josholson @rands you don’t *have* a problem. You *are* the problem. randsinrepose.com/links/2014/07/…

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@markoa Workflowy is an excellent outliner, but I’m finding I need more robust ways to slice/dice/navigate. Wunderlist currently.

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Another day. Another productivity system. I think I have a problem.

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Introverts rule… quietly.

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veen Apple’s actual business model. pic.twitter.com/JfKOdo8mIt

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Next April I’ll be in Yosemite likely talking about Yosemite: cocoaconf.com/blog/yosemite

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