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@daveoflynn Fixed. That typo has been there a long time.

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5 scenarios for high velocity engineering managers: randsinrepose.com/archives/what-…

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humphd @beltzner you say “and I hear” and I hear “I’ve been working with @rands

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Too much comedy… can’t retweet fast enoughtwitter.com/rands/status/5…ka

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What’s the opposite of a “Full Stack Engineer”?

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My son is explaining to me how to print a canoe with a 3D printer.

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It appears the future of TV doesn’t actually involve TV.

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I think I use “Dude” as pre-sentence punctuation acting as a combination of a question mark + exclamation point: “Dude, that’s messed up.”

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beltzner Told a swimming instructor today he was awesome because he was. He seemed really affected. Go call out good things more often, Internet.

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For the record, USB connectors now look HUGE and CLUMSY.

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Nodeone’s ‘Carry’ board is awesome: pinterest.com/nodeone/carry/

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JasonTrenouth In the spirit of @rands. You say “Let me know if I can help”. I hear “I’m pretty sure I can’t help. Good luck with that.”

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Yes, I used it’s incorrectly. (@mikeyang)

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A roller coaster’s success is measured by it’s screams: youtube.com/watch?v=X4E9j6…

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