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Always forward. With retcon.

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sippey Disneyland’s FastPass, but for Philz Coffee.

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tape @rands sounds like a cruel summer.

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Chris_DuPuis @rands Blame it on the rain.

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gino @rands it’s ok. Our lips are sealed.

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I’ve been listening to 80s pop for a week and I’ve no clue why.

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You’re a great engineer. Become a great leader: calibratesf.com

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The Russian Lit Major should have been a computer science major, but they got off track: randsinrepose.com/archives/russi…

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Trusting your gut and charging forward. It can be addictive: randsinrepose.com/archives/hurry/

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“It’s good to want things.” How my Dad responded whenever I asked for something.

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Markets crashing on the 20th anniversary of Windows 95? Coincidence?

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My definition of a bear market is when traffic gets better.

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rstevens I got soup in my Macbook Pho

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For teams of engineers, discussing ‘the what’ is alluring — but figuring out ‘the how’ is enduring:firstround.com/review/how-i-s…Z

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When you say “Nothing is changing,” I hear “We really don’t want anything to change, but yeah…”

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Gmail search is awful. -rage

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linuxlizard @rands “All these frying pans are yours, except Europa. Attempt no cooking there.”

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Lessons Learned From Reading Post Mortems: danluu.com/postmortem-les…

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