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cap I need a Jessica Jones support group.

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By that definition, nearly everyone I know is addicted in some measure to the Internet : nytimes.com/2015/11/29/opi…

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The best starters are also excellent finishers.

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@vmspinetti Thanks. Current project is attempting to figure out how to get Wolves to scale.

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Still looking for a Destiny friend: bungie.net/en/ReferAFrien… (Note: only grab this if you’ve never played.)

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If I refer a friend to Destiny, I get epic loot: bungie.net/en/ReferAFrien… (My addiction: randsinrepose.com/archives/be-un…)

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markthorn @MiramarMike @freitasm @rands the assumption monster loves a vacuum

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In the absence of information, the humans will make up the worst version of the story.

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I feel J.K. Rowling should be in charge of naming all the things.

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Poll result: the majority of leaders have had no training. pic.twitter.com/hUZne8UKYy

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Honored to be heading back to Wellington: webstock.org.nz/16/

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tomcoates @svs {blushes} Oh you meant Lopp. {sad face}

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Apostrophe’s and I dont get along.

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FYSA: Prior tweet was published as a Twitter poll which is apparently not supported on Tweetbot.

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If you’re a leader/manager, have you ever had any formal leadership training?

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