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jnymck Finding some last minute solace in @randsrandsinrepose.com/archives/very-… as I get my shit together for @webdirections

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maxleibman @Spacekatgal At the risk of an @rands-ism, when you say, “I just can’t imagine,” I hear, “I have no idea how to react to that.”

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@jandrewyang Also, production budget, I believe, doesn’t include marketing budgets which tend to be ginormous for these movies.

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Credit cards are making a lot of money on the assumption that you are lazy.

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Project manager, product manager, and program manager. Let’s clear that up: randsinrepose.com/archives/entro…

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robslifka @rands “Fortunately, Destiny’s absent story is largely negated by simply how fun the game is to play.” forbes.com/sites/games/20…

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humphd @rands don’t forget to worry about the attachments, too!

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Three things I obsess about before sending an email: do I have the correct recipients? obvious typos? should I send it?

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Looking for names of software companies that have no QA department.

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Whether you like it or not, everyone is in the Q&A department.

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When you say “100% agree,” I hear “I heard 50% of what you said.”

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Hundreds of people running into a solid spinning metal fence: randsinrepose.com/links/2014/10/…

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@beltzner Engineers doing great engineering. It’s a thing.

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Ok. New iTunes a total mess. It’s like a Rubik’s Cube that occasional plays music I don’t want to hear.

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justinabrahms @rands similarly, when I hear ‘best practice’ I hear ‘we don’t know why this happens’.

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When you say “Generally,” I hear “When you least expect it.”

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mclow @rands I’m not even a manager, and I measure my day by number of meetings.

The more meetings, the worse the day.

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Managers who measure their day in terms of number of meetings are hurting your culture more than you know.

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