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Being shocked into action does little to guarantee an eventual elegant solution.

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Hey @qz – it appears your RSS feed died?

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kellan @rands please. you understand a thing by _breaking_ it, let’s not be dainty.

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An engineer understands a thing by first taking it apart.

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chaddickerson Cynicism is a mental prison. I have never seen anything get better because someone was cynical.

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Heartbleed == Change every single one of your passwords.

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3D phones make less sense than 3D TVs which makes no sense.

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Why are people from the future not time traveling to our period? quora.com/Time-Travel/Wh…

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Innovators don’t call it innovation.

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DieLaughing The world is in an abusive relationship with technology.

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“Silicon Valley” might’ve ruined the Silicon Valley for me.

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You’re either building them up or tearing them down.

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A summer of sequels and remakes… sighdevour.com/video/the-summ…wk

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The answer to the question “Is the world changing faster than you?” is yes.

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Turns out the Magic Move text morphing is brand new thing; vimeo.com/91199355

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@hynek You’re right – it’s a ready to advance mode. I think it’s new in 6.2?

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The thing is, as a nerd, it’s my joy to worry. I’m good at it.

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cabel So if you’re gonna try Taco Bell breakfast get an A.M. Crunchwrap (really good) and some Cinnabon Bites. Also health insurance

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