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Continuing to up the levels of awesome: youtube.com/watch?v=4jEz03…

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Create a team blog using your team Slack: teambl.es

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When you say “Whatever it takes”, I hear “We have no credible plan”.

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@josholson Concur. I lose 1 out of 20 clips on the Sarasa. Not a disaster, but an annoyance.

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Highlight previous ideas, rekindle conversations, and communicate with aplomb: slackhq.com/learning-to-sh…

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Seven more characters for tweets? This changes evrthng.

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Going to be talking leadership at theleaddeveloper.com next month.

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adamcaudill @rands When I was a teenager, I would collect the cordless phones and hide them till big downloads finished…

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@Anlysia I remember nights where I woke up multiple times to check download progress.

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Downloading Doom on the PS4. 15GB. This would’ve taken 52 days to download on a 28k modem. Assuming my Mom didn’t pick up the phone.

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@TheIdOfAlan Those are mine. Otherwise it’d be plagiarism.

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berkun When will this awfulness be over? thisisindexed.com/2016/03/when-t… via @jessicahagy pic.twitter.com/9rg7TuMhOD

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Yet another Star Trek trailer that feels more like a music video.

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Software Design Patterns Are Not Goals, They Are Tools: exceptionnotfound.net/software-desig…

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Because you have some time to spare: s9w.io/font_compare/ @mikeforbes

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codinghorror @rands words are easy. *paragraphs* are hard.

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stefanudziela @rands eventually, we’ll unlock the keyboard shortcut that triggers the singularity

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