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The humans… they know the scent of the builder versus the talker.

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My pal @tweetsbenedict did a comic. It’s quite good: mehtacomic.com

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Whenever I get to inbox zero, I feel the universe might collapse.

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My favorite under appreciated Prince song: Bob George.

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Grammarly @rands So sorry about this issue. We’ve removed Grammarly from Medium temporarily to fix this. We’ll let you know when it’s back. Thanks!

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stevengrady @rands And Dylan. Someone please monitor Bob Dylan 24/7.

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@amahnke Kind’a always thought McCartney was immortal and/or undead.

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Has anyone checked on Sting?

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Purple Rain. My absolute favorite.

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VivekxK @rands isn’t prioritization really just effective procrastination 🤔

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Hanging out in rands.andchill.tv… mostly movie trailersrands.andchill.tvZl

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I never said procrastinate. I said prioritize.

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Hi @Grammarly. Whenever I use your fine tool in Medium, I can no longer save my posts within Medium.

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@chrisbrandow @davidhoang Tried it. Sarasa is better IMHO on ink flow and feel. Also, caps get lost.

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Also Louie continues to have great wallpaper: louie.land/wallpapers/

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Every six months, you should probably watch this: youtube.com/watch?v=GZiB_S…

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davidhoang Okay, @rands is right about this being the best pen. pic.twitter.com/68iOd6UAiM

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Week #2 of paid Grammarly. It’s helping and I’m learning. app.grammarly.com

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Fight Club is Calvin’n’Hobbes… many years laterignatz.brinkster.net/cfightclub.htmlP6

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PRO TIP: Augment your obvious and non-obvious weakness by building a diverse team.

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berkun We only feel as valued as the number of valuable questions we are asked by people we value

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