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mathowie This shirt is funny because it’s a play on words AND scientists frequently suffer from crippling introversion. pic.twitter.com/kRdeNM8X6I

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mikeindustries @rands Clearly. I am so conflict-averse that if I was an introvert, I would probably just live in a bunker.

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Eye contact is exhausting.

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worksykes @rands worrying is a continuous build environment

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deeplycloudy @rands left brain-right brain linker error

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taylorhughes @rands more like a slow memory leak. :)

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mb @rands Totally a runtime bug.

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Worrying is a compiler bug.

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@alexkingorg. RIP. Don’t know what else to say.

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Titles are a distraction packaged as a solution that we don’t know how to grow engineers: randsinrepose.com/archives/dna/

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What makes your precious idea precious is less the idea and more the you.

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Only criticize as much as you are willing to help.

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The best individual contributors set — and met — stretch goals that went beyond what others thought were possible hbr.org/2014/04/what-a…12

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Good news for me – ”Fidgeting at work may actually be great for your health” qz.com/509081/fidgeti…yB

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I quite like the fit and finish of watchOS 2; however, the killer app for the watch is still – wait for it – time.

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Waze arrival estimates are scarily good.

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Credible positive feedback is like crack. Without the jail time.

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When you say “I should start writing again,” I hear “I probably won’t be writing for awhile.”

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