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Inbox zero for the first time in six years.

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Keep watching. This will blow your mind: youtube.com/watch?v=lDi9uF…

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“I’m worried about my coffee intake, but otherwise things are going great.” : randsinrepose.com/links/2015/08/…

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sippey 20 years ago today, this first post. theobvious.com/archive/1995/0…

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When you say “Existential threat,” I think “Short term bias.”

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veloduffer @rands Let’s be clear. That’s not what I meant. ;-)

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When you say “Let’s be clear,” I hear “I disagree.”

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paulca @rands — Watching my sense of entitlement battle it out with my sense of insecurity.

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Listening to my high expectations do battle with my imposter syndrome.

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Meetings are a forever problem.

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@angebassa Data science is a lovely blend of engineering + product management and it informs all three parts of the triangle.

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Small acts of kindness will define you.

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Strategy is not a list of prioritized features.

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Fearless is a high velocity strategy.

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Note to self. Aspire to never have one’s name become a hashtag.

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panzer Pinterest’s @rands shaped hole techcrunch.com/2015/07/29/mic…

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puddinstrip whenever I hear of another big game hunter ‘bravely’ shooting a wild animal I think of this perfect Far Side cartoon pic.twitter.com/W0g9tdRl2A

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When you say “learning experience,” I hear “I hate doing this.”

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