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When you say “Interesting,” I hear “It may or may not be interesting, but I currently have nothing interesting to say.”

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The audience wants you to succeed because, weirdly, your failure would also be theirs: randsinrepose.com/archives/very-…

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Love is not a strategy. It’s a brilliant lifestyle.

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If you didn’t believe me about the The Man in the High Castle recommendation – here’s the title sequenceyoutube.com/watch?v=UIDKPy…XP

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drherskovic When you tell @rands anything, he takes it as the exact opposite. At least according to his tweets.

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When you say “Don’t freak out,” I freak out.

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spolsky Stack Exchange raises $40m from @a16z, led by @cdixon. joelonsoftware.com/items/2015/01/…

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@popforms @ProjectDavis Half time on regular work defeats the purpose of focus.

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Whether you read the book or not, Man in the High Castle pilot is excellent: amazon.com/Man-High-Castl…

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RUD = rapid unscheduled disassembly: qz.com/328139/elon-mu…

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@robcee @mfinkle How are new experiences not equal to growth?

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maupuia @rands Tweaked the conference para for you:

“Sending them to Webstock ensures growth, education and re-charging.”

Welcome ;)

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kyledreger When you say “it’s more complicated than you might think,” I hear “I don’t have time to explain this to you.” /cc @rands

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My kids will never understand static.

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I think we’re going to see the Superbowl today with Indy at Denver.

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For the record, I continue to rewatch The Force Awakens trailer every 72 hours.

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