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If you’re going to look at Pinterest once, check out pumpkin carving: pinterest.com/search/pins/?q… (Stay for the watches: pinterest.com/mlopp/watches/)

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EvilDarthVader Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day, give a man a lightsaber, and people will fish for him.

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iOS 8 battery is noticeably better on iPhone 5S after three days of observation.

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@allirense The difference is hipsters don’t build things of value.

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dijjnn .@rands I think it’s more subtle. I submit that they believe that they’re not what you think they are, whatever that is.

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I would argue a definitive attribute of an artist is they believe they are not an artist.

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When you say “Some people”, I hear “Everyone who is wrong.”

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SwiftKey on the iPhone – I love you so.

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Concerns are an opportunity.

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jasonpermenter IT’S NOT “leverage”
IT IS “use”

I DON’T “take this offline”
I AM “very sorry I changed the subject”

Damn it I’m in @rands territory now.

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After 20 minutes, the only iOS game changers are the new Mail swipes and the iOS extension. ?

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iOS update days are the days I learn that I probably take too many photos.

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WHEREAS I possess a bright idea that I am choosing to disclose to you: friendda.org

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Useless busy decreases as a function of effective planning.

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firstround Your Job = Your Career = Your Calling.

It’s possible: firstround.com/article/What-t… @elleluna

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@dmoren I can’t decide which is worse.

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twelvelabs @sixfoot6 @rands I really hope you two manage to meet up at xo this year. Y’all would really get along. Spoiler: you’re both werewolves.

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White Owl for booze after @gruber crushes

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