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10 question limit on basic SurveyMonkey surveys? Yeah, I’ll be looking elsewhere for simple surveys.

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Embarrassingly, for the first time ever, all the computers in the house have a legit and reliable onsite and offsite backup strategy.

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Looking for an invite to Google Inbox.

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SuePGardner Why I’m in favour of online anonymity wp.me/pZNtT-zs

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@shaver @beltzner I’ve got much to say on all these topics. When are we doing this thing?

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Being Geek is on sale today – a reminder – it’s a book with a trailbeinggeek.comrEvm

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OReillyMedia .@rands recalls his own make-or-break moments with SV giants such as Apple, Netscape, and Symantec in Being Geek oreil.ly/1zkvHYZ

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qz Anyone who says the US economy is getting weaker is completely wrong qz.com/285015

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MarkXA I might have laughed a bit. pic.twitter.com/N30shhF5Uz

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I’m pretty sure we’re up to the 3rd or 4th sign of the apocalypse at this point: kitchenette.jezebel.com/new-restaurant…

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You should probably spend some time here: reddit.com/r/nonononoyes

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With their steady stream of hardware hits, it’s hard to imagine how Microsoft might screw up a smart watch.

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40 DC & Marvel movies in the next six years: screenrant.com/dc-marvel-movi…

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Loving Coup more each time I play it: amazon.com/Coup-Card-Game…

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Esquire says the backpack is the new fanny pack and Esquire is wrong: randsinrepose.com/archives/a-bag…

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“We sense when there has been care taken with a product.” : randsinrepose.com/links/2014/10/…

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Biggest blocker on the 5k iMac is the fact I need a second display and I’m assuming a 5k next to a non-5k will drive me /nuts.

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pengwynn When you say “When you say” I hear @rands.

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siracusa @rands When you say “no one” I hear “I didn’t read your review.”

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No one is talking about how they killed the POOF in Yosemite.

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maxleibman When you say, “Keep an open mind,” I hear, “Give my idea a chance so I don’t have to give yours a chance.”

(cc: @rands)

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beep @rands @karenmcgrane Possibly old news to you, but: twitter.com/beep/status/52…

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Hay @rands Check out the 5k renders of Earth that @PolygonSandwich has posted this afternoon.

* Made with NASA provided textures

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