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A culture that attracts quality candidates: radianttiger.com/2015/04/20/a-c…

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This might change my (currently poor) relationship with Gmail: markdown-here.com

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emarley Thanks @rands! pic.twitter.com/uIHRG6k4v4

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What book would you buy if you were going to get one interface design book for an engineering team?

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@beltzner Do any Canadians know how to trash talk?

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In case you were wondering how to write a book: randsinrepose.com/archives/how-t…

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A small, fast, modern, and dependency-free library for lazy loading images: callmecavs.github.io/layzr.js/

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I have mixed feelings how much we’re talking about… watch bands.

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The actual Batman -v- Superman teaser: youtube.com/watch?v=dMI6B7…

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@DavidChan I’m talking about email the application/service, not the poor souls who have to use it.

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If email was an employee, I’d fire them for incompetence.

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Watch the Star Wars Teaser #2 with first crowd reaction: youtube.com/watch?v=HxN57J…

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My biggest surprise regarding Slack is that it took so long for Slack to show up.

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archaica Well, that looks absolutely awful. RT @rands: Leaked Dawn of Justice trailer: uproxx.com/gammasquad/201…

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@mikeschu I believe all those models were displayed in the latest trailer. Wondering we’ll see gold.

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One word: iStormtrooper.

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@dpc47 @beltzner Yes, but I’m ahead in the series.

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beltzner Rivals for 8-14 days @ Pinterest instagram.com/p/1gwnG8BMIY/

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@destraynor Finding new fonts is inevitably how the new process starts. (For the record, I settled on Sentinel as a headline font.)

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clockworksimon @rands Mindless preamble is a necessary creative state: it’s what you do when that state ends that differentiates it from procrastination.

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