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barronbichon Hanging out with my new friend Kyle while The Big One™ has his guitar lesson. (cc @rands) pic.twitter.com/KnHWr1Wb6w

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satreix Received my really nice “Kyle the Octopus” tshirt by @rands from @cottonbureau! cottonbureau.com/products/kyle-… pic.twitter.com/8lhIfRGjiV

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The data suggest that Facebook is a key distributor of fake news: qz.com/848917/faceboo…

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However, the Tron Legacy soundtrack delivers EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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Done with Siri. It’s consistently 2x the work.

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Impossible is when we do our best work: medium.com/@rands/the-mak…

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Melbourne. You’ve got some funky downtown architecture. Sweet.

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Help dig the holiday hole. Now… more than everholidayhole.comWQ

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dangillmor Your daily reminder that Trump’s finances, including tax returns, remain a black box. Congress, journalists meekly accept his stonewalling.

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jmspool From the brilliant mind of @semanticwill. twitter.com/jmspool/status…

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gino @rands you always have blood.

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Reading books remains one of the best ways to engage with the world: wsj.com/articles/the-n…

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I write. Like all the time. I’ll be writing on the back of leaves with squid ink after the apocalypse. Provided there are squid.

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First observation re: Eero – it just 3x’d my upload speed which I thought was capped by my ISP. It wasn’t.

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mde @rands I have been compulsively watching various Star Treks, like an IV drip of reassuringly inclusive, utopian futurism.

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