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Welcome to the New Server

Thanks to Pants, RANDS IN REPOSE has a new home which is separate from the Jerkcity machine. I believe separation from Jerkcity_Proper was the goal or maybe Pants just wanted to tinker with hardware, but the point is there are some significant under-the-hood changes you probably won’t care about.

First, we’ve got the new sub-domain. Very aesthetically pleasing and memorable.

Second, MOVABLE TYPE and the content is being served on the same machine. At the old site, the content was a mirror of stuff generated elsewhere. This meant extra work and also meant I couldn’t use certain groovy MT features. Now, content generation is trivial and HEY LOOK YOU CAN COMMENT ON ALL OF MY BULLSHIT (LOOK DOWN – KEEP GOING – SEE?)

As part of this move, I had to regenerate all of the existing content and was marginally lazy which means URLS to old archives are no longer valid here, but are still valid on the old site. I’ll leave these up and point excessively to the new site.

I’ll probably need to say something about COMMENTS at some point, but for now, I’m just going to turn them on and see what collects. Suffice to say, I’ll feel free to edit anything in particular, oh, and anonymous submissions have been turned off.

I’d like to take this time to thank Emma for pointing me at MT several months ago. Her keen powers of observation are only surpassed by her love of the lime.

Holler if you find something which looks broken.

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    FIRST POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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  3. hot4rands 15 years ago

    don’t you mean “aesthetically” pleasing instead of “ascetically”?? i dont think having a vanity subdomain is very disciplined or monk-like.