Rands explains why you can’t read this page

Whenever a web site chooses to embrace a technology which is not standard

in older browsers, they are opening a significant can of worms regarding

compatibility. The fact of the matter is that a lot people are teetering

on the edge of a nervous breakdown each time they turn their computer

on… you’ve met these people… they come up to you in the hallway and

say, "Something’s weird with my computer." Incidentally, these

people are the reason why your favorite tech support or IT person is such

a complete asshole. He/she has to discern usable fact from a statement

such as, "It just stopped working". Such inanity would drive

anyone bonkers.

Because many websites are dependent on attracting as large of population

as possible, they need to assure themselves that their websites will work

for these techno-illiterates. The catch, of course, is that to truMJ AND DICK CHOKE IT DOWNly

build the whizbang brain dead features they need to attract everyone,

it’s efficient to build such features with reasonably new technology.

Suddenly, you find yourself writing writing massive amounts of code to

account for every type of browser out there and DON’T FORGET YOU ALSO

NEED TO TEST YOUR WORK which means installing Netscape 3.0 ON A MAC CLASSIC


THE 1990s.

There is a simple way to force the issue and this is the strategy I’m

employing with this site. I will make every effort to make sure that the

code which comprises this site obeys

popular standards. I will spend time to create a design which is reasonably

easy to read while remaining moderately stylish. And when I receive an

e-mail saying, ‘Your site looks weird’, I will calmly reply, ‘My site

uses style sheets.

A popular means of formatting web pages which has been around since 1996.

As your browser does not appear to support style sheets, I am going to

guess that you are either a blind Lynx user or a fucking idiot. Please

advise, -rands’

I realize this comes off as "elitist prick", but the fact of

the matter is that people are only going to move forward when it’s too

painful to stay where they are.