Rands Less to drink

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Future topics that I’d like to think about outloud in the future when I’ve had less to drink:

  • Buzz. What is it and why do we care? (Translation: When you are you a bellweather and when are you a fucking idiot?)
  • The functional requirements of a weblog
  • Decribing the JERKCITY demographic in ten words or less
  • Less is more -or- The JERKCITY T-SHIRT ESCAPADE
  • Are you a PUSH PERSON or a PULL PERSON?
  • Why spell checkers are really really important

I’m very WYSIWYG. Meaning, when I’m editing this weblog, it’s very important I see what you (the reader) are seeing… the font… the spacing.. the annoying graphics tablet background.

This means that many of the WEBLOG tools out there are insufficient because they have me posting the most recent entry is HTML COURIER TEXT BOXES. Uh. No.

HTML is good at dumbing down SGML, but it sucks at rich text entry without the help of FLASH, JAVA, whathaveyou.

If anyone is aware of a WEBLOG tool which provides an reasonably easy means of updating through the use of a WYSIWYG tool, I’d love to hear about it. I recognize the importance of the requirement of being able to update the the weblog from anywhere on the planet and that just AIN’T GOING TO WORK with my current Dreamweaver set-up.