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Monday Morning Plugs

  • Alex King has become a service industry. I’m an avid user to Alex’s TaskPro task management system and now he’s released a hosted version of his program under the UseTasks moniker. Personal use is just $3.95 a month and he’s also offering free accounts for open source developers. Let’s hear it for recurring revenue streams!
  • I’m still looking for a goddamn link to the satellite simulater demoed at this year’s WWDC. If anyone has actually tracked down Arun Anderson and his Orbit company, I’d like to hear about it.
  • I was slowly making my way through the Photoshops tutorials on the Digital Creativity site and was distressed to discover all the tutorials have vanishes. Guess it’s time to search the archive.
  • I’m relying on my Gmail account more and more, so props to this gentlemen for creating a menu extra to check my Gmail for me.

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3 Responses

  1. I’ve been looking for Orbit for almost two hours, and nothing came out of it. If I recall correctly, it seems to me the developer mentioned a screensaver version of his satsim, but I can’t remember its name. Any help ?

  2. The concept of Alex being a service industry is amusing.

  3. Well Alex singlehandly made one of the best task manager around. He’s pretty much a company by himself, good for him, I like great sofftware, and now great service.

    For that Orbit, the screensaver is going to be called Freefall, and the company name of Arun is Advanced Analytic System Design, Inc. you can check the design winners of wwdc2004 at he’s down there in the demo category.