Plugs Oh, the times...

Friday Plugs (Plus Gmail Accounts)

Notational Velocity falls under the “I’ve downloaded it… tried it for 30 seconds.. and have not tried it again” umbrella. BUT. It’s interaction design does have a few a-has. Worth a peek.

Buzz aware folks have already seen TiddlyWiki, but it worth posting since, who knows, maybe you are not buzz aware. You’ve gotta tinker with Tiddly a bit before you get it, but you will. The source is readily available… anybody want to hack the Rands Management Glossary into it?

Slowtron’s How to BBQ A Man. Celebrate the times. Oh, the times.

Lastly, I’ve got six GMail address available. If you’d like one, post your favorite song and your email address as a comment. If you don’t want your email in the wild, just post the damned song and send an email to

24 Responses

  1. Favorite Song? The Working Hour – Tears for Fears

  2. Sexual Harrassment In The Workplace, Frank Zappa. Performed live.

    iTunes Playstats gave a false read; I was learning songs to jam with some people. Sorry.

  3. JayBees 13 years ago

    The Beatles – A Day in the Life

  4. World’s stupidest question: a-ha is a good thing as opposed to a gotcha which is bad, correct?


  6. Gotta be – “Forever Young” by Alphaville

  7. Another Girl, Another Planet — The Only Ones

  8. ealva 13 years ago

    Jewel – Absence of Fear

  9. Brad Cossette 13 years ago

    Hmm, tough call. I’d say

    “Spirit of Radio” by Rush.

  10. “No Traffic” by ALL.

  11. Anonymous 13 years ago

    “Twelve Gates to the City” by Gary Davis or maybe “Search and Destroy” by Iggy Pop

  12. Buck Owens “Made in Japan”

  13. “Whatever” by Oasis

    Strange that such a bad band did such a great album 10 years ago.

  14. Unilever 13 years ago

    ‘Weak and Powerless’ by A Perfect Circle

  15. Anonymous 13 years ago

    “Say it Ain’t So” – Weezer

  16. Walking In Memphis – Marc Cohn

  17. I don’t need a gmail account. I’m just responding because I think your writing is great.

    Favorite song:

    Artist: Billy Joel

    Album: Songs in the Attic

    Title: Summer, Highland Falls

  18. Klaatu 13 years ago

    “Kool Thing”, by Sonic Youth

  19. I don’t need a gmail account, but feel the need to chime in that the greatest song ever recorded is definitely Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”. Beating Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android”.

  20. matthew 13 years ago

    tom sawyer by rush

  21. Topher 13 years ago

    Title: Common People

    Album: Has been

    Artist: William Shatner and Joe Jackson

  22. vulgar5 13 years ago

    cash’s folsom prison blues narrowly beats paranoid android. ring of fire aint shit.

  23. Anonymous 13 years ago

    Don’t need a gmail account.

    Your writing is good but too long. Make it more dense and shorter.

    “The Blood” by The Cure

  24. Vishal Kumar 13 years ago

    Need the gmail account.

    Your writing is so to the point and concise, i love reading your stuff.

    “The recluse” by Cursive