A+B = G

Not that I don’t want to folks to stop talking about Jerkcity 3.0, but I know, at some point in the next three months, someone is going to say “802.11g”. You are going to respond, “You mean 802.11a or b, right?” They wil respond, “No, 802.11g”.

Then, you are going to look for this link.

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  1. Jerky McWankerstein 15 years ago

    FIRST POST!!!!

  2. LMCanteroJr 15 years ago

    The first time I encountered a wireless LAN was when one of my techs came running at me from off the floor. “I have this guy on the phone with a wireless hub,” he said. “He is having connectivity problems.” Unfortunately, since our lab did not contain any wireless LAN devices, it fell on me to tell a $200/month customer that since his wireless device was “non-standard” equipment, we would be unable to support him unless he fell back on his old CAT-5 connection.

    I then spent the next few weeks arguing with my superiors that we NEEDED to get a wireless setup in our lab or on the floor. Rather than invest a few hundred in equipment (which shouldn’t have been a problem for a company whose motto was “BURN VENTURE CAPITAL BURN!”), it was decided that we would never support customers implementing wireless devices. Needless to say, I developed a negative view of wireless networks, not because I didn’t like the idea of them, but because my only experience with them was catching call escalations and was telling angry customers that we could not support them if they used wireless LANS. As a result, when it came to wireless, I voluntarily took a back seat on the Rands Express

  3. LMCanteroJr 15 years ago


    Apple’s current Airport line is “B” compliant, not “A”.

  4. I saw “What up, G” and stopped right there.

    Bad, bad, bad.

    So basically G+B and A dosen’t work with shit. Great, what is it about America and having so many fucking wireless protocols?

  5. Harry 15 years ago

    This comment will be off topic but…