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  1. Too bad “dong” is not in its knowledge base.

    Clearly there is a flaw in the design doc.

  2. I am guessing that it is breast milk?


  3. I got to 27 questions before it presented me with a list of *possible* animals.



  4. Darien 16 years ago

    It took it 30 guesses to figure out a penis

    29. I guess it a muscle (body part)? Close.

    28. Is it made in many different styles? Probably.

    27. Do you know any songs about it? Yes.

    26. Can you lift it? Yes.

    25. Do you hold it when you use it? Sometimes.

    24. Can you make money by selling it? Usually.

    23. Does it have a hole in it? Yes.

    22. Is it straight? Sometimes.

    21. Can you smell it? Probably.

    20. I guess it a dik dik (African antelope)? No.

    19. Can you buy it at a store? No.

    18. Is it usually colorful? No.

    17. Does it contain a liquid? Maybe.

    16. Does it have a handle? No.

    15. Is it something you bring along? Yes.

    14. Is it shiny? No.

    13. Is it flat? No.

    12. Can you put something into it? Doubtful.

    11. Do you clean it regularly? Yes.

    10. Do you use it in public? Doubtful.

    9. Would you use it daily? Yes.

    8. Is it a common household object? Yes.

    7. Does it get wet? Yes.

    6. Would you give it as a gift? Doubtful.

    5. Does it help accomplish tasks? Maybe.

    4. Do you use it at work? Rarely.

    3. Does it weigh more than a duck? No.

    2. Is it hard? Sometimes.

    1. It is classified as Other.

    and it had the nerve to disagree with me….

    You win

    Play Again

    You were thinking of something to do with sex.

    Is it a common household object? You said Yes, I say No.

    Can you make money by selling it? You said Usually, I say No.

    Is it made in many different styles? You said Probably, I say No.

    Fool … it also took 24 to come up with a book of matches and 28 to guess a soda can

  5. disco 16 years ago

    lessons learned: “buckyball” and “wife” aren’t in the database although “einsteinum” and “soulmate” are. it had trouble with “patent” (it was in the list at the end) and came close enough to “three ring binder” (it said “binder / book”)…

  6. Chuck 16 years ago

    Did it win when it told me I was thinking of a “dik dik” when I was thinking of a penis?

  7. amishdoom 16 years ago

    It couldn’t guess “Dildo”? I am unimpressed.

  8. Vanessa 13 years ago

    Nor could it guess any Chinese vegetables…

    Like daikon.

    It guessed dik-dik too when I thought of “penis”.

    *shrugs* close enough.